Nessus, the Tier of Treachery, is the the lowest layer of Hell. The player characters start here and work their way up. Nessus is mostly a barren land, save for Klolvork Forest, a dense forest full of monsters surrounding Zuibuhn's castle. The River Styx runs through Nessus, mainly dividing the more densely populated area with Alighieri's Ruins and the Tower of Souls.

The Town of Terrors is where the worst souls reside. It is a poor looking village with crumbling houses and wooden shacks, filled with monsters, literal and figuratively, who worked together. Cursed souls are sometimes sent to Nessus when they perish, and are tortured in the Town of Terrors until they are able to escape.

Across the river from the Town of Terrors lies Alighieri's Ruins, a desolate dead forest encased in a craggy ridge of mountains and crumbling ruins of structures long gone. More of the antisocial sinners reside here, assassins and rogues and thieves.

Surrounded by a deep ring of water sits the Tower of Souls. Here is where Zuibuhn keeps it's hand-picked favorite subjects and has them destroy each others souls in the tower, and whoever's soul survives gets to live in Zuibuhn's castle and be it's personal servant. Sometimes crowds will gather outside to watch the horrors that take place inside of the tower.

At the very edge of Nessus is a big tree, Kú Shú. It just means "cool tree" in Chinese and has no significance to the story. But the players don't know that.

Zuibuhn's castle, titled Malsheem, sits on the edge of the Klovork forest. It's main features are a huge, beautiful courtyard and many black, spiked towers. Malsheem is not guarded, and the servants who have triumphed in the Tower of Souls are not allowed to acknowledge anyone but Zuibuhn. In the courtyard there are many chained hellhounds; usually feasting on monsters who dared to cross Zuibuhn, and many out-of-place brightly colored flowers.


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